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  • What is the real benefit of this incentive?

    This is a significant Federal tax incentive that allows producers of qualifying productions to take an immediate tax deduction...
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  • What tax form do I need to fill out to get the incentive?

    The IRS temporary regulations require that you declare in a separate statement that you are electing to utilize Section 181. Learn More
  • Can the immediate write-offs be taken in more than one year?

    Yes, the deduction takes place in the year the production expenditure is incurred. Learn More

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In Development

Havenhurst - Budget Range $2 - $3 Million

A haunting story of a 3000 unit apartment complex in New York City where behind closed doors awaits a different nightmare.

From Darkness (sci-fi thriller) - Budget Range $6 - $12 million

Young foster kid is pushed to his limits and develops a telekinetic defense mechanism.

Skeptics – Budget Range $1.5 - $2 million

Based on the actual Nicholas Prison in Ottawa Canada. A group of Skeptics are making a web series about myth busting ghost stories.

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