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About Us- RMA Media Management

RMA Media Management, LLC principals have over 40 years of combined experience in theatrical productions within various levels of funding, ranging from conservative $500,000 television releases to budgets of $15M or more. The team has collectively overseen the production of more than 15 films.

The Principals’ relationship with leading filmmakers and its diverse slate (of well-branded projects now in development), will bring profit and safety to the owners and investors in its portfolio. Additionally, the team’s structure guarantees break-even for the productions regardless of profits. Using a combination of Internal Revenue Film Incentives under Section 181 of the code, filming in states that provide tax credits available for the investors and other financial vehicles there is significantly less risk of loss on a project. Finally, the production of story-driven projects that have distribution deals attached to them BEFORE production will maximize the profits for the investors.

RMA Media Management, LLC will assist the film partnerships develop, produce and co-finance its mid-range budgeted motion pictures and television programs during a 3 to 5 year time frame. The average budgets will be between $3 million and $7.5 million. Targeted theatrical distribution in the U.S. will be achieved through major studios and mini-majors, as well as being distributed abroad through a team of highly reputable foreign sales agents.

Tosca Musk- Producer

Tosca Musk is an award-winning producer of feature films, television movies and web content. Her web series, TIKI BAR TV, was used by Steve Jobs to promote the iPod with Video in his 2005 Keynote speech, and held the ranking of #1 downloaded video on iTunes for over 3 months. It is still considered to be a pioneer of web series. Her television movie HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT provided Hallmark Channel with its highest rated movie in the network's history. And her family feature, SIMPLE THINGS, garnered nine awards, including three "Best Picture" Awards, and "Audience" Award.

Musk spent her first 8 years in the entertainment industry working for Alliance (later Alliance Atlantis) Communications Corp, the largest entertainment production and distribution company in Canada. During that time, Musk became Director of Development and aided in the development, production and sale of TV movies and mini-series for network and cable television. Musk then took on the position of LA segment producer for "TV Guide Television" and later went on to produce and direct her first feature film, PUZZLED under her own banner, Musk Entertainment. Musk has since Produced and/or Line Produced over a dozen features and series.

In 2011, Musk partnered with Andrew Erin and Jina Panebianco to form Protocol Entertainment, a Feature Film and Television Production company that focuses on making high quality, story driven projects with a strong US and world-wide appeal. Tosca's most recent films are, PLAYDATE (2012), WE HAVE YOUR HUSBAND, (2011) HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT, (2011) AND BORDERLINE MURDER, (2011)

Tosca's Filmography

  • Films in Production (1 title)
  • Vanished – Producer 2013 Post-Prod

  • Past Film & Video (13 titles)
  • Home Invasion – Associate Producer 2012 $4M
  • Walking the Halls – Co-Producer 2012
  • Final Sale – Producer 2011
  • The Heavy – Associate Producer 2010 $4M
  • Confined – Executive Producer 2010
  • Evilution – Line Producer 2008 $1M
  • Simple Things – Producer 2007
  • 9 Lives of Mara – Line Producer 2007
  • Freezerburn – Producer 2005 $500K
  • Cruel World – Line Producer, Unit Production Manager 2005 $2M $16K
  • The Truth About Miranda – Co-Producer, Production Manager 2004
  • Henry X – Simms 2003
  • Puzzled – Producer, Director, Writer 2001

  • Past Television (7 titles)
  • Playdate (TV Movie) – Producer 2012
  • Holiday Engagement (TV Movie) – Producer 2011
  • We Have Your Husband (TV Movie) – Producer 2011
  • Borderline Murder (TV Movie) – Producer 2011
  • Three Weeks, Three Kids (TV Movie) – Producer 2011
  • Tiki Bar TV (TV Series) –Producer 2007–2009
  • TV Guide Television (TV Series) – Segment Producer

  • Tosca's Awards
  • Appalachian Film Festival- Winner- Best Picture Simple Things (2007)
  • California Independent Film Festival- Winner- Best Picture Simple Things (2007)
  • International Family Film Festival- Winner- IFFF 'Spirit' Award Simple Things (2007)
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Jina Panebianco- Producer

Jina is an award winning, motivated and creative film & television producer/line producer, experienced in development, budgeting, raising funds, logistics and physical production. She is comfortable and at home on set, handling the day to day logistics and the fine details to get to the big picture and always does so, with a wicked sense of humor and strong work ethics. Prior to film producing, Jina spent 10 years in the Corporate Event arena, Producing and Production Managing multi-million dollar high end events for FOX, News Corp, TV Guide, World Summit Meeting in Shanghai China, Rupert Murdoch, and the 2000 Sidney Olympics, where she produced all live segments with Olympic athletes and talent throughout her 2 months abroad there.

Jina's most recent projects "Wild Hearts" an MOW which is a beautiful coming of age story will on television in the fall of 2013 as well as "Starting Strong" a reality series that was produced for the US Army. Both were produced for television and film star Ricky Schroder, of Old Post Films.

In 2011, Panebianco partnered with Andrew Erin and Tosca Musk to form Protocol Entertainment, a Feature Film and Television Production company that focuses on making high quality, story driven projects with a strong US and world-wide appeal.

Jina's Filmography

  • Films in Production (1 title)
  • Vanished – Producer

  • Past Film & Video (3 titles)
  • Rogue River – Co-Producer, Line Producer 2012 $2M
  • 9 Lives of Mara – Producer 2007
  • Jai Chiranjeeva – Line Producer, Producer 2005 $5M

  • Past Television (3 titles)
  • Our Wild Hearts (TV Movie) – Producer 2013
  • Starting Strong (TV Movie) – Producer 2011
  • The Wine Guy Unplugged with Anthony Gilardi (TV Movie) – Executive Producer 2010
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