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Genre: Horror/Thriller

Havenhurst – Budget Range $2 -$3 million

A haunting story of a 3000 unit apartment complex in New York City where behind closed doors awaits a different nightmare.

Genre: Drama/Coming of Age

Mickey Sleeps with the Fishes – Budget Range $5 - $7 million

New Jersey, Summer 1973. STEVE GALUCCI (14) and his best friend DANNY JACOBS (14) are two suburban kids from Jersey who share the same boyhood loves: baseball and adventure. Steve is the youngest member of his Italian family, the straight‐A, straight‐laced black sheep of the unrefined, working class Galucci clan, and the antithesis of his smalltime mob gangster/rough‐and‐tough older brother, PAULIE (19) whose intellectual shortcomings are rivaled only by his quick temper and a hankering to torment his little brother. Steve and Danny both share a close, fatherly relationship with Steve’s UNCLE FRANK (55), an alcoholic former mobster with a soft side and tenderness for “his boys.”

The beloved Uncle Frank has an elusive history with the Italian Mafia, and a mysterious connection to a boss named BIG CARL‐who has hired Paulie to keep a close watch over Uncle Frank. Of course the mob scene is nothing new to Steve and Danny, for whom organized crime is a fact of life, so when Uncle Frank makes mention of several boxes of 1952 Mickey Mantle collector’s baseball cards (worth $1000 each) that were dumped 21 years earlier a mile off the Asbury Park boardwalk, the best friends decide to devise a plan to find the “sunken treasure,” launching them into the best summer adventure any baseball loving kid from Jersey could ever ask for. After confirming the existence of the missing Mantle cards with a local collectibles shop owner, Steve and Danny team up with WES (15), who has access to a boat, and TIM (15) who promises the team the use of his father’s pickup truck. With Steve’s determination, Danny’s fascination with scuba‐diving, and resources from Wes and Tim, the boys devise an McGuyver‐esque plan to retrieve the missing cards. Sure enough, after days of searching, they find the boxes submerged, covered in ocean sediment. But along with the prized cards the boys discover a rotting corpse‐ surely the work of mob gangsters of years gone by.

In the midst of their excavation efforts, the boys make the mistake of “borrowing” Uncle Franks Cadillac, which Paulie spots the boys lugging boxes into late at night, and assumes Uncle Frank is up to no good. He takes this misinformation and snitches on his Uncle (a big family no‐no) and gets Uncle Frank back in the throes of trouble with Big Carl. And although the boys have managed to procure the coveted Mantle cards, they’re now faced with the challenge of getting Uncle Frank out of the hands of merciless mob bosses, free from his ties with their reckless ways, and back to safety.

With some quick thinking, beyond what you would expect of your average 14‐year‐ old, Steve convinces his buddies that they must take responsibility for Uncle Frank’s life, and in the style of an bold‐and‐ballsy, experienced mobster (ala Michael Corleone in THE GODFATHER), he makes a deal with Big Carl. Turns out, Uncle Frank was responsible for the murder of HARRY THE HAT, the man whose body the boys found alongside the missing baseball cards—a man who would have ultimately ratted‐out Big Carl to the authorities, but whose death resulted in Big Carl’s promotion within the mob. In exchange for 11 Mickey Mantle cards, Steve goes to bat for his Uncle, absolving him of any past connections with the boss, proving that his loyalty to the Uncle who has shown him nothing but love is more valuable than any baseball card, and that it’s something money simply can’t buy.

Bereavement – Budget Range $1 million

Fatally ill, Garvey thinks he has figured out how to die; secretly. But when his beloved wife Evelyn mysteriously goes missing on their anniversary, he must live to save her. Told in an offbeat and sometimes funny, he discovers what love, life, family and bereavement still has to offer.

Genre: Latino

La Llorona (Horror/Thriller) - Budget Range $2 - $3

In Mexico there is an ancient legend so terrifying, that people have feared it for over a hundred years. The spirit of La Llorona, the weeping woman, accused of the murder of her two children and betrayed by her unfaithful husband, wanders the riverside seeking revenge for all eternity.

When a plan to smuggle drugs from Mexico goes bad, Miguel, a young drug dealer, unwittingly angers her undead corpse. Unaware of what he has done, Miguel moves forward with his plan to turn over a new leaf, step away from his dangerous business, and start fresh with his girlfriend Cynthia. He just needs to complete one final drug deal. With his friends by his side, Miguel makes the journey out of the ghetto to set up a new residence and await payment from his last score.

The group soon finds itself stuck on a remote farm in California where strange things start to happen. It isn’t long before they realize Miguel brought along more than just a lucrative score, but also the malevolent spirit of La Llorona. Now as the body count rises, the group embarks on a daring, desperate race to end her reign of terror, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You can run. You can hide, but remember... if she die!

Genre: Romantic Comedies

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